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Bexit 18 Aug 2020 708

Bexit was founded during the early 2020 by an intelligent set of individuals who were keen on developing a concept that would benefit SME business owners & entrepreneurs who contribute to the Kuwait market. The concept of Bexit came into play when professionals realized that there was a huge gap between business buyers & business sellers which was required to be filled. Through past experiences & learnings, numerous businesses were formed during a crisis. All those businesses were a success as they all targeted to fill in the gaps in their respective markets. However, during these times there were also several business owners who were looking to sell their businesses. The main objective of Bexit was to establish a digitalized platform where interested business buyers & business sellers would be able to connect via a single platform. 

Bexit strives to make the platform an easy & simple destination for clients – business buyers & business sellers. The businesses on Bexit have been evaluated through a unique process in order to register only legitimate businesses. The professional team is made up of knowledgeable individuals who have dedicated their efforts to fine-tune & ensure the clients have a safe & secure buying/selling experience. The website showcases various businesses for sale & purchase, providing a single window of opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs & business owners & thus making Bexit a distinctive brand in Kuwait. Bexit has introduced a platform that contains various features to elevate the business experience which includes thorough checks & approvals by our own financial team, constant access to the status of the clients deals through a notification panel on the website – right from the availability of the deal, negotiations & closure of the deal;verified financial transactions through tracking, verification procedures & Escrow protection to safeguard our clients investments; and each business seller has the ability to handle up to 3 projects at one time.

We at Bexit have observed several barriers & drawbacks for business buyers & sellers in Kuwait which led us to bring a positive change. As a business buyer or business seller, you are provided with relevant information on the price, business facts & images of the business. You have the ability to track & constantly be updated about the status of your deal via a notification panel on the Bexit website. We provide with advanced negotiation tools that help you communicate directly with the buyer/seller. For the benefit of the business seller, the payments would be reserved is a secure Escrow account until the completion of all compulsory procedures & transfer of ownership to the Buyer. For the benefit of the business buyer, investments are only made through safe & secure online payments, after the completion of all the necessary procedures & transfer of ownership to the buyer.

The Kuwaiti Market has never experienced the sale & purchase of businesses with such ease & simplicity in the past. Bexit aims to become the next business success story of Kuwait by providing a valuable service to business owners & entrepreneurs by directing them towards the correct path – one business at a time! 

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